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Swappy Mascot Design

A year after our first project, Game Swap reached out to me again. Looking to repeat the success they had with their game sales, they wanted to shift focus to their collectibles.

In our meeting, I was presented with “Swappy”, their original mascot from when they first opened. Confident in my abilities, they requested an updated version of Swappy, logo and a business card design that showcased their other wares.

Original Swappy Logo

Strike a pose.

My first step in the Swappy design was to figure out a pose. I wanted him to reflect the joy and triumph of finding that “rare gem”.

After a few different sketches, the idea finally struck. Why not a “Captain Morgan” type pose with him holding up a disk? He could have his foot up on a stack of collectibles, showing what Game Swap has to offer.

Logo Swap.

Wanting to keep the logo type playful with a hint of retro, I went with the font Cubano. The feel of it matched up with Swappy well, and was easily identifiable. All that was left was changing it over to Game Swap’s red and green colors and submitting the design.

Standing tall.

The new Swappy was embraced by the staff of Game Swap. They loved the updated look, and in the inclusion of collectibles they sell. It was clean, fun, and they liked the logo type that accompanied him.

With their approval and information for the business card, I returned to work. While originally planning for a portrait style business card design, the information provided was just too much. To make use of the full front of the card, a background was designed to compliment the new Swappy logo.

Swappy Reborn.

The business cards were exactly what they wanted, and were printed digitally shortly after delivery. Swappy debuted on their Facebook page to great acclaim shortly after. Game Swap was ecstatic about the project, and I enjoyed working with them again.

I consider it a success when a mascot designed to market a company becomes marketed itself. Swappy’s rebirth has done wonders for Game Swap with customers frequently requesting merchandise. He’s even become a passport stamp for The Nacelle Company’s Toy Stores of the World passport program. So if you’re ever in Kettering, Ohio, stop by Game Swap and get your passport stamped!