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Rockstar Pro Wrestling
Intergalactic Champion Belt

In 2019, I was approached by a member of Rockstar Pro Wrestling to create a new championship belt. They had known my work through Sparkle Comics, and wanted an original design for the debut of their Intergalactic Champion belt.

Accounting for the embossing, and not knowing if it was going to be cast in silver or gold, I presented my designs set with both backgrounds. As for the colors, we agreed on using their set maroon and green. Let’s wrassle!

Tune up the band.

A championship belt typically consists of two circular side plates on the band, and the main front plate. In developing the overall design theme I decided to start small and work my way up.

To keep Rockstar Pro’s visual elements present, the first plate was designed with their guitar and Lucha logo being abducted. The inspiration for the second plate stemmed from crop circle formations and planetary maps.

A Heel to the Face.

For the front of the belt, I wanted to play off the “Heel” and “Face” aspect. In wrestling terms, “Heels” are the villains, and of course, the “Face” is the good guy. Titles can change, so why not represent both sides?

I designed an astronaut from Earth for the Face of the belt, and an alien from Saturn for the Heel. The layout of the belt worked perfectly to frame the addition of a moon base behind the Rockstar Pro logo, while still leaving room for the belt title.

A Lights Out Match.

Rockstar Pro was extremely impressed with the submitted belt design. With the minimal input provided, I had managed to create a product that exceeded their expectations. Everyone was happy, and I was relieved!

Due to fact that the belt was going to have a big unveiling, Rockstar wanted to keep the development quiet. I kept every aspect confidential as I anxiously awaited ANY news of when it would debut.

months later...

The night came for the big reveal, and fans went wild! The Intergalactic Champion belt, accompanied by its elaborate “cursed” backstory fired up the interest in old and new fans alike.

The belt itself has had many appearances all over the United States and Mexico. Requests for shirts flooded in to Rockstar Pro, and it was even featured in the October 2019 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

My only regret is that I was never able to get Intergalactic Champion Aero Boy’s short run action figure. Not only was it a cool throw back to the old wrestling figures of the 80’s and 90’s, but it came with a toy replica of the belt.

Photo Credits

In order of appearance:

Clayton Gainz and Ron Mathis © Rockstar Pro Wrestling

Aero Boy © AeroBoyOfficial

Intergalactic Belt © Mayito Photos

October 2019 feature © Pro Wrestling Illustrated