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Service Experts Sales Sheets

In early 2022, I worked with Service Experts (Stevenson Heating & Cooling) to redesign their internal and customer facing sales sheets. The forms they used prior had deteriorated in quality due to the use of xeroxing, and had no cohesive branding.

Choosing to go with digital printing to save money, I reworked over 20 forms and their pricing guide. The layouts were kept simple and the use of company colors and logos increased brand awareness.

The Point.

Service Experts was delighted with the updated items and both customers and reps enjoyed the ease of reading that came with it. While it was not an overly designed project, it fulfilled a purpose and provided much needed improvements.

As I’m sure you noticed, this was a very slimmed down piece compared to others. The point of this was to show the importance of keeping a company’s papers up to date and cohesive. It’s easy to cut corners with scanners and xeroxing, or whipping something up in word, but does the result represent the quality your company deserves?