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Kirkmont Church
Love All Worship One Design

Kirkmont Church was needing a way to to spread their mission statement of “Loving All, Worshiping One” with their youth ministry. They wanted their statement on apparel and other items that would resonated with younger audiences while still incorporating their cross and colors.

I was brought in as a “hired gun” for another company to work on the design, so my information was fairly limited. Not knowing if the design would also be used for their sports or preschool, I started work.

Simple words.

References make all the difference. As I searched deeper into Kirkmont, I found that they had shortened their statement in the past to just “Love All, Worship One”. While this might not seem important to some, the wording is more to the point and fluid for layout purposes.

I reached out to my contact to ask if Kirkmont would permit me to go that route for the design. Shortly after, I received the go-ahead.

Kirkmont Sport Version

Kirkmont Traditional Version

Kirkmont Edgy Version

The one.

Kirkmont presented all three designs to their faculty and youth ministry, and the the edgy version was the clear winner! Everyone liked the bold, non traditional look of the design. Shirts, hoodies, and other promotional products were quickly ordered to help spread their message.