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Swirl Logo Development

Swirl was a start up, all natural lotion company. They approached me to develop their logo and branding, along with all other assets. They originally were going to use the font Parkside, but didn’t want a cursive look for a product that was targeting “all ages”.

I redrew the font, eliminating any trace of the cursive influence. I then focused on what could’ve been their icon after they had achieved brand recognition. The dot in the “i” was replaced with a swirl, that could become the key identifier for the company.

After redrawing the logo, I decide to skew the logo a bit, to make it stand out more. Knowing that they wanted to keep the the text in black for visibility, I chose to use some color on the swirl icon itself. Not only would this bring a softer feel to the logo, but would also be a way for customers to identify the the different product types once the packaging was developed.

Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects.