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Sparkle Comics Logo

Due to my work with Sparkle Comics, I was asked by the owner to create a new logo for the company. The two reasons for the logo change stemmed from the original logo’s layout in the price box, and to give a more polished look to the comics while on the shelf at comic book stores.

The original logo was hand drawn by the co-founder of Sparkle Comics. It represented the company’s independent feel fairly well, since all their comics are done by artists that work for free, and create for fun.

One of the issues that cover artists had with the logo, was fitting it into the top area of the price box. Even removing the taglines, it was a bit of an awkward shape that was often “squished” to fit. To compound the issue, due to the black and yellow, it limited the options of color backgrounds usable to make it stand out.

A little over a year after it’s conception, Sparkle Comics started picking up steam in the independent comic community. More comic shops took notice, and opened spots on their shelves to carry the comics. To be able to compete visually with the comics they were put up against, I was asked to start work on the new logo.

Keeping with the trend in comic book company logos, I went with a san seriff font. I wanted it to be bold enough to stand out on any background it was placed on. To keep true to the original logo, I placed bursts into the “P” and “R”, and to add to the “sparkle” feel, included light traces through the letters.

To help insure that the new logo didn’t face the issues of the original, I also made templates for the price boxes. These price boxes could be edited to fit any color scheme, while making sure that the logo is always legible.

The reveal of the logo was greatly received by fans of Sparkle Comics. While they did share a deep love of the original logo that Sparkle was founded on, they applauded the cleaner, more unified new look.